Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Outa The Way!

My son-in-law has a new hobby - motorcycle racing.  I'm not sure of all the terms yet but he doesn't do dirt bike racing or cross-country racing.  He doesn't do drag racing.  I think what he does is the superbike racing or  supersport racing on concrete oval tracks.   He's pretty excited about this and his enthusiasm has been wonderful to behold.  Of course, I'm not his momma.  His mother has been less than thrilled.

Today he sent me a YouTube video showing him going around a track for 8 minutes.  It was a BIG track and apparently a fellow riding behind him had been taping him.  I emailed him back with two comments......
"Wow" and "Don't show this to your mother."

There should have been a camera on me while I was watching it.  A video of MY reactions could probably have won a prize on "America's Funniest Home Videos."  Yikes!  He was going awfully fast on those straightaways.  Suddenly there would be a curve and he'd practically be lying on his side as he'd go around the bend.

Then suddenly he'd be coming up on groups of other riders.  You should have seen me gesturing as I yelled, "Get out of the way!  Get out of the way!"  Hmm, it's starting to make sense to me why he so gently told me the other weekend that he didn't think he was quite ready for me to come watch him ride.  It wasn't HIM, it was ME!

I'm very happy that he has found a hobby that he really enjoys.  I have to admit though.....the "Nana" part of me is thinking "Man, if they have ANY desire to have a baby in the future, they might want to start now, while he's still in one piece."  I hope that doesn't make me a bad mother-in-law.

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