Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Skyping with Mr. Wiggleworm

We had the fun of Skyping with the kids tonight and, as usual, little Spud was a bundle of energy.  Miss Mika, our little "Sweet Pea," was preoccupied with getting her "cuppy" filled with Chai and evading her brother's grasping hands.  Here is how the conversation went, according to Mr. Spud:

Hey, Nana and PawPaw!  Whatta day....whatta day.  You wouldn't believe all the things I tried to get into!

What's that?  You WOULD?  Gee, who's been talking behind my back?

Do I look like someone who would get into any mischief, I ask you?  Have you ever seen such an angelic face?

Aw, nuts!  Can't keep this act up for long.  Let me go, Pops.  I've got things to get into.

Hmph!  Passed off to Mommy!  Oh, the shame of it all.  Hey, Sis!  I'll trade you this lid for your cuppy.

Oh, come on.....it tastes good.  I've already sucked all the dirt off of it.  You know you want to trade with me.

Let me go, Mommy!  I want to play with my sister's pigtails.  That should make her drop that cup.

Oh, boy....come on....just a little bit closer and I think I can make it to Daddy's chair while they are listening to Sis's story.

Yeah!  Look at me!  I'm walking.  (Let go of me, Mommy.  You're embarrassing me.)

Boing, Boing!   I'm bouncing just like Tigger!  Hey, look everybody.

Huh, you want me to stand still so you can get a good picture?  Are you nuts, Nana and PawPaw?  I'm a boy.  We never stand still.

Isn't that right, Pops?  Betcha did the same stuff when you were my age.

Hey, you want to pick my nose?  Cool.  That sounds like fun.

Oh, COME ON!  Do we have to listen to another story from Sis?  Doesn't she ever run out of them?
At least she could give me her cup.

Yeah!  A new toy.  I'm going to play drums on Daddy's head.  Ah-one, Ah-two......  Oh, bye-bye, Nana and PawPaw.  I love you!

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